Let yourself be anchored in YourPurity!

Allow yourself to experience pure healing with JEPuurheid’s beautiful healing tools for spirituality and energy work in everyday life. Our collection includes brass instruments such as the Atlantean-Lemurian Ankh, Atlantis Ring, Pyramid, Merkabah & Merkivah, and Lemniscate.  Each piece is carefully handcrafted by Jan Willemsen during the Full Moon phase, imbuing them with his pure energy of love and attention. Encouraging you to embody your own Pure Being within with support from these healing tools.

The Ankh - the key to life

As per the Egyptians, the Ankh carries the life force for humans, animals, and plants. Rooted in even older energy, it resonates deeply with individuals embodying Lemurian and Atlantean consciousness. Additionally, the Ankh is strongly linked to the goddess Isis. Wherever the life force can be strengthened or released, the Ankh provides deeply felt experiences.

It is important to note that the Ankh resonates with the individual user.  In cases where someone experiences chakra blockages, the Ankh may be utilized to cleanse and heal the blockage. The Ankh is a personal instrument that should only be used by the owner. A consultation with Jan is required to properly attune the Ankh to the ultimate owner. If the intention is to use the Ankh as a cosmic antenna, it will facilitate connection to that energy. When you develop a strong connection to the Ankh, its healing and cleansing effects can be immensely powerful for you and those around you. By cultivating a sense of wholeness within yourself, you enable others to experience this healing energy as well.