Silver Atlantis ring

The image on the Atlantis ring is an ancient symbol that imbues the ring with great power.  This symbol has been used in both Atlantis and Lemuria, and likely existed even before those civilizations. At that time, the symbol only existed in an energetic form and did not yet have a physical manifestation.


The ring’s power has several ways of working:

  • Protecting the energy and physical body from unwanted energies
  • Clearing blockages in the body
  • Strengthening intuition
  • Safeguarding against earth rays, telluric currents, and other harmful radiation


Mystical Power of the Ancient Atlantis Ring

During the latter period of Atlantis, the ring materialized. Mystery schools existed in Atlantis, and when a student excelled, they were presented with the Atlantis ring. The ring’s power guaranteed the protection of the graduate and allowed them to maintain the knowledge they had acquired. Additionally, wearing the ring significantly enhanced their health. When Atlantis fell, some of its inhabitants fled to present-day Egypt.


Scientific proof

Howard Carter, an American archaeologist, provided evidence of the Atlantic ring’s exceptional abilities. He wore the ring, recovered during earlier explorations in Egypt, when participating in the expedition that unveiled Tutankhamun’s treasury.  Unfortunately, a curse was associated with this discovery, and all seventeen members, except Howard, lost their lives shortly after. He claimed that the ring possessed protective powers. Following Howard’s death in 1939, his family offered the ring to researchers. He claimed that the ring possessed protective powers. As its powers were discovered, investigation into the symbols’ geometry ensued. This ultimately proved fruitful when the original ring was eventually obtained by André de Belizal, an innovator in dowsing. He researched the waves emitted by the ring and discovered that their power is directly related to the symbols and geometry. Additionally, he found that tracing the symbol onto a sheet of paper and hanging it on the wall greatly reduces dangerous electromagnetic and geopathic radiation.

The Effect of the Atlantis Ring

The Atlantis ring’s symbol possesses magical properties. It provides the wearer with healing and protection.

The ring’s energy is highly personal, adapting to the owner’s body. Jan customizes the ring by tuning into the energy of the future owner. As a result, the ring should not be passed on to another person. 


Use of the Atlantis Ring

In order for it to function properly, the material of the ring is inconsequential. The key factor is that the ring must directly touch the skin while being worn. Therefore, the ring can be worn either on the finger or on a chain around the neck for personal protection. The silver ring is a copy of the original Atlantis ring and comes in either a wide or narrow option. All gold and silver are pure and clean with no chemicals used in the process.

Silver Atlantis rings:

The ring is made of silver and is a copy of the original Atlantisring. You may choose between a wide or narrow design.

All silver and gold is pure and processed without any chemicals.