The Ankh

The symbolism of the Ankh is becoming more widely remembered, as its energy is now accessible to all. You can choose to use the Ankh for personal use or to use in therapeutic treatments.


Holding the Ankh

Holding the Ankh strengthens your personal power and energy. The Ankh can help remove blockages when its energy is utilized. Pointing the legs of the Ankh towards you allows you to receive energy, while pointing the legs away from you sends energy. Proper use of the ankh assists individuals in their personal development.


Use of the Ankh

The Ankh can be used for healing yourself or others. The Ankh is a personal tool that works specifically for its owner. Use your personal healing tool only for yourself, do not let anyone else use it. For instance, if someone experiences chakra blockages, the Ankh may be utilized to cleanse and heal the blockage.

Personal contact with the future owner is essential before Jan can create the Ankh. This is because Jan tunes into the owner’s energy through channeling so that the ankh is specifically designed to meet the owner’s needs.

Essence of the Ankh

It's important that the Ankh resonates with you. You can use it as an antenna to connect with the cosmos. The Ankh deepens your connection to the universe. Some people yearn for the stars or fondly recall their past experiences in different star systems. You might feel attracted to the Ankh because you remember that cosmic connection. When you establish a strong connection with the cosmos, the healing properties of this symbolic instrument can have a profound impact on you.


Connection to the Primal Mother

The Ankh is strongly connected to the power of Isis, who is a Mother Goddess. Through connecting to this feminine source of energy, you have access to the fields of consciousness of light and love. Additionally, this unique, double-legged instrument is connected to the healing fields of Lemuria.

The Ankh takes a pragmatic, sometimes a bit rigid and businesslike approach.  It clears blockages, connects you with others and clears pathways in your life if you are open to this. At times, this may lead to chaos, but eventually, order may be restored. The Ankh guides you along a journey of Love, Peace, and Harmony

The healing tool promotes balance and harmony within one’s personality. It serves as a powerful means for co-creation, where our hearts gradually unite into a single conduit that channels the purest form of unconditional love from the Divine Mother Source. Through a heart-to-heart connection, she unites us with Mother Earth and each other.

Healing Ankh & Tesla Ankh

These instruments are ideal for working with the energy work for yourself so that you can and may work from that wholeness already within you. They are connected with Elohim, the angelic energy, and are highly appropriate for (holistic) therapists. The Tesla Ankh (left) functions similarly to the Healing Ankh (right), but due to its size, the Tesla Ankh is a bit more challenging to place on the body.


The other Ankhs can add beauty to a variety of spaces such as children’s rooms, studios, ceremonial rooms, practice rooms, or offices.

☥ Ankh of Healing & Transference ☥

What happens during a transference?

Beforehand, I will tune in to your energy. On a typewriter I type the words and messages that are coming through. I then sense two or three Ankhs that might suit you. During the transference of the Ankh you may then choose one to go with you.

*If you’re located abroad and not able to attend a transference, I will choose one for you. Once you have received your Ankh by mail we will arrange a video call for an official transmission/initiation of your ankh.


The Ankh comes with a card containing a channeled message from the full moon, a channeled personal message and a Lemurian crystal. You will receive both items in a storage pouch.

☥ Extra large Ankh ☥

Interested in an extra large ankh?

I would like to create  the Extra Large Ankh together with the person who will take care of it at the future location of the Ankh.


Product Dimensions Price
☥ Healing Ankh & Transference session approx. 22,5 cm (length) x 15 cm (width) x 6 mm (thickness). | Transference session approx. 1 hour €162,-
☥ Tesla Ankh approx. 33 cm (length) x 22,5 cm (width) x 6 mm (thickness) €137,-
☥ Optional transference session of the Tesla Ankh by Jan: approx. 1 hour €51,-
☥ Extra Large Ankh approx. 66 cm (length) x 45 cm (width) x 8 mm (thickness) €225,-.
Storage pouch for Tesla Ankh € 9,-

* Every Ankh is made of brass and handmade by Jan.

* Prices are excl. shipping cost

Left: Little Ankh

Middle: Healing Ankh 

Right: Extra Large Ankh

1. Order form Ankh

2. Booking an Ankh transference session:

To plan an Ankh transference session you can call me between 9 AM -10 AM and between 4 PM and 5.30 PM except on Wednesday afternoon. 

  • The transference session of the Healing Ankh is free
  • The transference session of the Tesla Ankh costs €51,-
  • Transference/transmission sessions are approx. 1 hour.
  • If you're not able to meet me in person, we can arrange a Zoom call. 

You can reach me on this number: +31 6 19 32 87 90

Smaller Ankhs are also available in our webshop

Ankh Pendants

Energy of the Tesla Ankh 

Spaciousness & Acceptance
A vibration like a heartbeat
Frequency and Grounding
Connection that's allowed to live

Love & Peace
As above so below
Creating light
A 'wider' view

A step back
Vista como un águila
Accept and then let go

In you, peace resides
The great mystic dwells within you
First the heart and then the mind
Put the book on the shelf

Live & laugh
Say hello to the other
Dance & Sing

Tune into my vibration
Like a Heartbeat