Golden Atlantis ring

''Through me, ‘source’ indicates that precious gold from Mother Earth, carries a purity of 14 carats. These golden veins, carefully guarded by our planet, have been unearthed. 18 carat gold, resonating with a heightened frequency under the cosmic influence, serving as a potent force here on Earth.


Human on Earth, feel it within you, the connection with Mother Earth. Or do you prefer to remain in the illusion that has been created?


Feel the re-calibrated GOLD energy. Feel to which you belong. Remember, it is through gold that you are forever linked to the eternal ONE.''

The image on the Atlantis ring is an ancient symbol that imbues the ring with great power.  This symbol has been used in both Atlantis and Lemuria, and likely existed even before those civilizations. At that time, the symbol only existed in an energetic form and did not yet have a physical manifestation.


The ring’s power has several ways of working:

  • Protecting the energy and physical body from unwanted energies
  • Clearing blockages in the body
  • Strengthening intuition
  • Safeguarding against earth rays, telluric currents, and other harmful radiation


Read more about the Atlantis ring here.

Pricing Golden Atlantis ring:

14 carat Gold. Pricing is based on the current price of gold, the size of the ring, and the shape of the ring (wide or narrow)

Soort Prijs incl. 21% B.T.W
Atlantis ring 14 krt Gold Between € 570 and € 777
Atlantis ring 14 krt Gold with Diamonds | 2 x 1,2 mm € 96,- extra
Atlantis ring 14 krt Gold with e.g. Sapphire, Ruby, Smaragd, Emerald | 2 x 1,3 mm € 63,- extra

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