Merkabah & Merkivah

The Merkabah is a sacred geometric symbol. Its origins can be found in the times of Atlantis, Lemuria and later Egypt, Central & South America, as well as Tibet.


The meaning of the word:

Mer = Universal divine Source

Ka = Total self mind/full consciousness

Bah = Body 

The Merkabah as an Instrument

The Merkabah is a beautiful instrument which is also an energetic field. Its sacred geometry is focused on creation and love. The Merkaba is a star tetrahedron, and with its geometric shapes spinning in opposite directions, it has the power to create a perfectly unified and balanced energy field. This energy field creates the chariot or vehicle of light that can carry your body and your spirit into higher consciousness.


The DNA of the Merkabah

The Merkabah is depicted as two tetrahedrons intersecting. One point points to the sky and one point points to the earth. The Merkabah is the light body that you use while you are in the physical body. It continues to exist even after the physical body dies. Everyone has this light body and we can activate it. This can be done in several ways, the most important of which is the intention to activate it. The energy of the Merkabah is a force that can be compared to electricity. The moment the Merkabah is activated, the energy rotates at a speed that creates a vortex.

How the Merkabah Works

Wearing a Merkabah helps to strengthen the vortices in our bodies. This increases our life force. By sitting in a large Merkabah you can increase your life force and light frequency, and attune your mind to travel through time and space. Meditating in a Merkabah makes it easier to travel to the past and future, and in addition, our physical body is protected by the high frequency of the Merkabah. This symbol primarily represents the masculine energy of the heart chakra.


Personal Use of the Merkabah

The Merkabah is used for astral travel and dream work. It can also be placed in a room to amplify the energy. This healing tool works perfectly with other power objects such as gemstones and other instruments. It cleanses the energy of the environment and everything in it. The sacred geometric tool connects to the Ascended Masters such as Melchizedek who bring a powerful activations of consciousness. The Merkabah increases the conscious and unconscious potential of its owner. With unconditional love and forgiveness, it is an ideal tool for all lightworkers of our time.


The Merkivah is formed by an octahedron: two pyramids with their square bases facing each other. Viewed from the side, it is a rhombus. The lower half is connected to the light energy coming from the Earth, the upper half is connected to the cosmic energy.


The geometry of the Merkivah is associated with oneness and unity consciousness. Masculine and feminine energy work side by side in unity through this figure.


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All Merkabahs are made of brass and are handmade by Jan. The prices do not include any shipping costs.

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Merkabah Hight ca. 22 cm € 222,-
Merkivah All sides 22 cm € 222,-