Yew Discs

Yew is traditionally considered the tree of eternal life. A yew can grow very old. This species of tree has a lineage of at least two hundred million years.


In myths, the Yew appears frequently, including as the tree of life. Among druids, the yew was considered a sacred tree, which was included in the Ogham alphabet. One of the runes, the sign system of the Vikings, is dedicated to the yew. In all these cases, the yew is the tree of death and resurrection.


A beautiful piece of wood to place your Ankh or Lemniscate on.

Handmade with LOVE!

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Diameter Taxusschijf Prijs
approx. 60 cm € 99,-
approx. 60 cm with brass legs to serve as a side table or altar € 144,-
approx.. 40 cm € 44,-
approx. 25 cm € 33,-
approx. 15 cm € 22,-

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