Interview with Jan Willemsen

Maker of the Healing Tools of JEPuurheid


Who are you and how did your creations within JEPuurheid come about?

My name is Jan. Wonderful things often happen in my life, mostly related to creation. It is often just there all of a sudden. These are also my earliest memories. When I think back to what I created, I see an image of a bouquet of wild flowers. Anything and everything in the immediate environment just came into being. My father also has this overwhelming creative power. So it’s in my blood!


How did you come to make the Ankh?

I learned how to craft the Ankh from a dear woman. After a wonderful meeting with her, she gave me her mold with the instruction: “You take it for a week and I’ll get it back next week. Miraculously, after a week of work, it was finished. It came naturally and everything in me signaled, “create it with your hands!’’ I work on the Ankh in stillness and devotion, guided by the powerful mastery connected to the energy of the Ankh.


How does it feel to make an Ankh?

It is Mastery that is being asked by the Brotherhood of Ankh Makers. It works with the masculine and the feminine energy. In fact, the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I did not realize it at the time, but later in the process of making the Ankh they were there and in the process of making the Ankh, the Masters are very much present in me. I work from that knowledge. I am just a vessel, the one who creates. I make the Ankhs, they guide me.


How and when do you make an Ankh? What is the best environment?

I make the ankh in silence and at different times. It’s always guided.  I go into deep silence and find the sacred fire within me, through which it becomes alchemy. Where creation blossoms, in silence, that is where it feels good to make an Ankh. I work best where creation is happening, where there is dancing and singing (Light Language). And of course my favourite place is in nature.


What does making an Ankh mean to you?

It is alchemy. It is love and devotion. It is feeling and most of all BEING


Love, Jan