Je Puurheid Consultation

Magnetization by Jan Willemsen

As a medium I receive words and images that help you to BE YOUR PURITY. With energetic healing I stimulate the self-healing capacity of the body so that it can come into balance. I release blockages so that the energy can flow freely again. I use various paramagnetic techniques.


The power of Your Purity consultation:

  • It allows anxiety, inner turmoil or limiting beliefs to dissolve;
  • I facilitate a beacon of light for life issues, and questions about the meaning of our existence;
  • Through mediumship, I offer you unique insights into a (difficult) situation;
  • Ideal for relaxation of body and mind.

What is mediumship?

One of the techniques I use is psychic mediumship. I receive a message or several messages that I share with you. You may recognize yourself in it, sometimes you hear new things. In any case, a session with me sets new energy in motion. It also helps you to release old energy. I speak from heart to heart. You might not understand some things yet, but it usually makes sense later on.


What is magnetizing?

Magnetizing, also called paramagnetizing or energetic treatment, is a technique that works on the energy field of the recipient. When a disease develops, it is already visible in the aura (=energy field) of a person in earlier stages. Thus, a magnetizer can remove the blocking energy before it causes disease in the body.

In addition, a magnetizer works with cosmic energy. Similar to Reiki, a magnetizer channels cosmic energy into a person’s energy system. This can replenish the system with light energy where there are “holes” or ‘’leaks’’. Gaps in the energy field can be caused by worry, fear, absorbing non-essential energies, experiencing (or having experienced) intense emotions or trauma, and so on.

The magnetizer not only replenishes you with cosmic energy, but also grounds you and connects you to Mother Earth. My treatments are certainly appropriate for people who are not grounded or who are not grounding well.

Benefits of Magnetizing:

  • Works detoxifying, e.g. for fatigue or after surgery
  • Helps balance the energy field with cosmic energy
  • Grounds the body

With which complaints can I contact Jan?

Complaints can be considerably reduced or even disappear by magnetizing.


Make an appointment with Jan if you suffer from:

  • Blockages
  • Difficulty getting to sleep
  • Changing belief systems that no longer serve you
  • Finding it difficult to protect your energy field, causing a lot of noise and ‘clutter’ in it
  • Over-stimulation
  • Physical and/or emotional pain with (chronic) complaints
  • Fatigue, for example during or after an illness, after surgery, or after a difficult period
  • Difficulty with self-acceptance, a negative self-image or low self-confidence
  • All kinds of physical complaints such as: headaches, migraines, inflammations, muscle complaints, rheumatic disorders, intestinal complaints, abdominal complaints in general, blood pressure, stress and fears


Sometimes symptoms worsen before they can resolve. This happens especially in the first treatments, as the healing process is then initiated. Similar to a homeopathic remedy, where the symptoms sometimes worsen before the body heals through its self-healing ability.


Pricing 2023

Prices of an energetic session:

  • 90 minutes: 80,-
  • 45 minutes: 45,-

* I, Jan Willemsen (magnetizer), am in no way liable for (consequential) damages from the treatments.