The Lemniscate, or the infinity symbol, represents infinity. This symbol has no starting point nor end point, depicting an endless loop. It is an ancient symbol used and found in many cultures.




When you follow the lines of the Lemniscate, it is called the lemniscate movement. This movement has a vitalizing effect. It helps energy flow throughout the body, creating harmony. The left and right sides of your brain come into balance, which helps you achieve physical and energetic equilibrium. This balance promotes peace in both mind and body, ultimately leading to a grounded state of being.



The Lemniscate deflects harmful radiation in the home and garden, including Earth rays, telluric currents and magnetic fields.


Personal use of the Lemniscate

The Lemniscate is used in several ways. For example, you can hold it and visualize the Lemniscate movement. You can also carry the healing tool with you or put it under your pillow when you go to sleep, depending on its size. If you suffer from radiation at home, the Lemniscate can be positioned in a specific location to minimize the effects.


Energetic Healing

The Lemniscate is a highly effective tool for performing healings. It enables the therapist to remain centered, connected to their higher self and avoid being drawn into the client’s release process.  In photo-healings, it is used to harmonize the bonds between two people.

Specific workings for the owner

Each Lemniscate has a specific energetic imprint for its owner, which Jan channels at the moment of creating the Lemniscate. Therefore, before the lemniscate can be made, personal contact is important. In this way, this symbolic healing tool will be matching with the energy of the owner.